2018 Nominee's

In Business/Commerce; Robert McNulty, Richard Tomasetti. In Community Service; Joan S. Edgerly, Hector R. Cardona Sr. In Education; Dan W. DeLuca Sr., Elizabeth Hall. In Law/Government/Military; Christopher G. Donovan, Ernest L. Markham, Amelia P. Mustone. In Media; Howard S. Iwanicki. In Performing Arts; Howard Stange. In Philanthropy; Barbara D. Rybeck.  In Arts; William R. Brinley. In Science/Medicine; E. Robert Bertoli, M.D. In Sports; Terry Bongiovanni.   To participate in the voting, you must be a paid member of the Hall of Fame Association by April 1, 2018.   Click here for full Info flyer


Featured Inductee

Winton (Wint) Filipek (Sports)

1925 – 2005

Winton (Wint) Filipek was born in Meriden on May 18, 1924 and died on June 4, 2005. While tennis is the sport that he found success, he also showed athletic skills in baseball, bowling, and basketball. As a student in the 1930s at St. Stanislaus School, his first tennis court, the Crescent Street Courts, became the practice area leading him to his Meriden men’s singles title at age 15 in 1939, and again in 1940 and 1949.  During the late 1950s and early 19...

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The Meriden Hall of Fame Inductees are proudly displayed on the walls at City Hall.