E. Robert Bertolli O.D.    Science & Medicine         

                                    Joan Edgerly       Community Service                   

                               Stanley Hancock    Business & Commerce   

                                     George Jeffrey     Historic  Persons    

Please join us on Sunday October 20, 2019  at the Augusta Curis Cultural Center

                                  for the Official Induction  Ceremony.                                                



Featured Inductee

Amelia Mustone (Law/Government/Military)

1928 – 2019

Amelia P. Mustone was born in 1928 in Salem, Massachusetts, and moved to Meriden in 1960.  Amelia has been a leader who was “ahead of her time”.  Prior to her terms in elected office, she was active in community organizations where she advocated for social justice, educational equality, and the importance of a strong local government.  She served as President of the League of Women Voters and as a member of the NAACP.  Amelia was a non-tra...

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The Meriden Hall of Fame Inductees are proudly displayed on the walls at City Hall.