**********AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE**********

Thank You for your patience in these unique and disturbing times.

We have been teleconferencing our board meetings and we will hopefully return

to some degree of normalcy soon.  The ballots have been collected and are

secured, they will be tallied before our Annual Meeting which we will conduct  in a 

manner suitable to the environmental situation at that time..

Featured Inductee

George Jeffrey (Historical Persons)

1830 – 1906

George S. Jeffrey was born in 1830 in Middletown Ct. and migrated to Meriden in 1852 where he operated a barber Shop for the next 45 years. George Jeffrey became a well known Republican figure on the local, state and national level advocating for African Americans. George and his brother R.A. Jeffrey were instrumental in the organization and development of the Lincoln Colored People’s Association of Meriden which Later was to be known as the Linc...

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The Meriden Hall of Fame Inductees are proudly displayed on the walls at City Hall.