Congratulations to the class of 2022 Meriden Hall of Fame

Herbert Barker...Business/Commerce

Lucile Bilger..Philanthropy 

Mollie Adele Stickles Katz...Community Service 

Walter A. Shamock...Law/Government/Military

Robert Szymaszek... Sports 

Christopher Wilson...Historic Person category


Featured Inductee

Larry Pelletier (Community Service)

1954 –

Larry Pelletierwas born in Meriden on January 24, 1964 and is a lifelong Meriden resident. He was a student at Wilcox Technical High School when he started boxing at the original Silver City Boxing Club. The club eventually became dormant until 1993, when Larry and his own trainer, Art Smith, brought it back to life. Boxing was initially the only program offered. Under Larry’s leadership, the center’s program menu has expanded, but the goals have remained the...

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The Meriden Hall of Fame Inductees are proudly displayed on the walls at City Hall.